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The Trustee, We Need!

Mayor of San Juan Capistrano, Experienced Councilmember and former Saddleback College Educator. A public servant with a proven track record fighting for taxpayers, everyday residents, and the constitutional rights of all. Built a trusted reputation for being honest, independent and for keeping my promises to you, the taxpayers.

With your support as Trustee, I will:

Oppose mandatory mask and Covid vaccination mandates;

Adopt and enforce policy that protects students and employees’ freedom of speech, expression and privacy;

Oppose standardizing radicalized fringe curriculum designed to indoctrinate, not educate;

Oppose implementing policies that discriminate on the basis of race and gender;

Never raise tuition, and will balance every budget;

Will fight for the voice of students and taxpayers, not special interest groups.


Under my leadership as the Mayor and a Councilmember of San Juan Capistrano, I have:

Balanced budgets by cutting spending;

Never raised taxes;

Increased city revenues;

Tripled city financial reserves;

Eliminated costly lawsuits;

Eliminated structural deficit;

Elimination of unfunded pension liability within a decade;

Reduction of staff by over 50%;

Saved utility rate payers by providing a more efficient service;

Increased funding for law enforcement.


Mayor-Constitutional Attorney- Educator - Small Business Owner – Parent of college students - USC Undergraduate/Law-Claremont M.A.

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