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I have a proven track record fighting for taxpayers, everyday residents, and assuring the constitutional rights of all.

Reeve has built a trusted reputation for being honest, independent and for keeping his promises to you, the taxpayers.

Under the leadership of Councilman Derek Reeve, WE THE PEOPLE have:


  • Balanced every budget ONLY by cutting spending;
  • Approximately tripled city financial reserves since first elected;
  • Reduced future pension and healthcare liability;
  • Saved taxpayers money by resolving numerous lawsuits that previously plagued the city;
  • Reeve has never voted to raise taxes or fees and successfully fought against them with fierce dedication when his opponents proposed them;


  • Increased accessibility to treasured historic structures through private investment and partnership;
  • Steadfastly defended individual property rights while mitigating through negotiation the negative impacts of large developments;
  • Preserved public open space and fighting to defend our equestrian culture, including our Riding Park, Trails and Equestrian businesses.


  • Made city government more transparent by having city meetings streamed on the internet, making the city websites and documents more accessible to residents, and DEMANDED city business that formally was conducted behind closed doors instead be held in open public meetings;
  • Truly led the city on the path to remove itself from the water business thus ensuring the lowest rates.


  • Protected affordable housing for seniors, including safeguarding rental contracts for senior mobile home parks throughout the city. 


  • Unwaveringly FIGHTS to expend available resources for youth sports, activities and expansion of athletic fields;
  • Increased hours of patrols by Sheriff personal and further continues to fight for additional deputies;
  • Constructively working with law enforcement, state and federal leaders to reduce the impacts of homelessness, crime and the sober living industry

 Please join everyday residents and re-elect Derek Reeve for 3!

Friends of Derek Reeve for City Council 2018

FPPC Committee ID #1399674

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