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Latest updates from the campaign:

Friday, October 12, 2018 12:00 AM

Derek Reeve is The Real Deal

Reeve, both as mayor and councilman, has had a very positive impact on the 300-plus-senior citizens, veterans and disabled residents living in our community, as well as the 2000-plus residents living in the other manufactured-home parks in San Juan Capistrano.

Although Councilman Reeve never takes sole credit for his efforts, his actions and support for residents has resulted in the protection and preservation of affordable housing in San Juan Capistrano.

I have found him to be accessible, open and responsive to matters affecting the welfare of our residents. I strongly recommend the reelection of Derek Reeve to the City Council.

Monday, September 3, 2018 6:11 PM

San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sergio Farias Endorses Derek Reeve

Councilmember Derek Reeve is honored to announce that he has been endorsed by San Juan Capistrano Mayor Sergio Farias for Reeve's reelection bid for San Juan Capistrano City Council District 3. Mayor Farias is a fiscally conservative Democrat, and joins Republicans Assemblyman Bill Brough and Senator Pat Bates in supporting my reelection.

According to Mayor Farias: “Councilmember Reeve’s experience, knowledge and integrity on the council are indispensable.”

Join Republicans, Democrats and Independents to Reelect Derek Reeve for District 3!

Sunday, August 5, 2018 7:43 PM

Councilman Reeve receives another coveted endorsement, this time from State Assemblyman Bill Brough

Councilmember Derek Reeve is very honored to have been endorsed by State Assemblyman Bill Brough for my reelection bid for San Juan Capistrano City Council. Bill Brough has served as the State Assemblyman of the 73rd District since 2014. Bill serves as the Vice Chair of the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions and Vice Chair of the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation. He also sits on the Assembly Committee on Appropriations; Public Employee Retirement System; Rules; and the Select Committee on Ports.

Saturday, April 21, 2018 11:22 AM

A MAN FOR ALL REASONS - Derek Reeve Announces City Council Candidacy in District 3!

Reeve believes that our residents must be our number one priority. We need Derek Reeve on our City Council! We need him to continue to serve as our watchdog on the city council exposing corruption, ensuring residents’ right to speak, and fighting for continued transparency and fiscal austerity. Derek has stated that he will continue to be committed to achieving a financially secure and safe community and a bolstered economy while preserving the history that makes San Juan the most special city in the U.S. For any San Juan Residents and especially those living in District 3, there truly are endless reasons to vote for Derek Reeve!

Monday, April 16, 2018 12:00 AM


It has been a great privilege to have served the residents of San Juan Capistrano both as Mayor of San Juan Capistrano and on the city council for the past eight years. I have unyieldingly dedicated myself to the principles of fighting for taxpayers, everyday residents, and the constitutional rights of all. As your public servant, I have unapologetically stood against the powerful political establishment and radical fringe to defend my constituents. I am a true independent who has kept every single campaign promise.

I am proud of a long list of accomplishments while serving the residents. These include strengthening our financial reserves; balancing budgets only by cutting spending; increase accessibility to treasured historic structures; respecting property rights while mitigating the negative impacts of developments; eliminate red light cameras; Preserve public open space; made city government more transparent; selling surplus city property; reduce future pension liability; and save taxpayers money by resolving numerous lawsuits that previously plagued the city.

Mostly I have stood firm for fiscal conservatism and the liberty of residents. I voted against every tax and fee increase to come before the council; against incurring more debt; against millions of dollars of wasteful spending, and fought for the preservation of freedom of speech and press on behalf of residents’ rights and against an overreaching city government.

After my reelection in 2014, I was elected Mayor during a turbulent time in order to right the ship. As the city manager stated at the time I was the right Mayor at the right time. This November election is likewise a true turning point for our town: Calm waters await or turbulent seas lay ahead. We are one councilmember away from not having a performing arts center, new trail extensions, keeping The Riding Park, keeping our Equestrian facilities and heritage, promotion of small businesses, promotion of private schools, strengthening the Ecology Center, and further traffic improvements. We also risk over-spending on projects, and further litigation against city taxpayers costing us millions.

It would be far easier and convenient to step aside than to participate in local politics. It would be easier to not face the developers war chest that has been pledged solely to defeat my candidacy. It would be far easier for my family not to be bombarded with the lies, smears, defamation and half-truths that can unfortunately come with the territory of public office. It would be far easier to hand over the council to the radical elitists, the new ole boys, and grant them free rein to mislead the people and abuse the taxpayers’ purse. After much thought and prayer with my family, I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election to the San Juan Capistrano City Council. The stakes are too high for our home town that we love so dearly, and I will again be proud to serve you.

Residents must be our number one priority. Not bureaucrats, politicians and special interests from outside the city, but residents. I will continue to fight to reduce debt, stop needless further burdens on traffic, and finish the task of removing the city from the water business.

There are many positives to build upon in our community, however this election is not just about winning; it is about not surrendering to tyranny in the face of overwhelming odds to fight for transparency in government and justice for all our residents. Our community is for everyone, not a mere tool for the radical elite fringe.

I will continue to serve as YOUR watchdog on the city council exposing corruption, ensuring residents’ right to speak, and fighting for continued transparency and fiscal austerity. In the next four years I am committed to achieving a financially secure and safe community and a bolstered economy while preserving the history that makes San Juan the most special city in the US. Please join other everyday residents and re-elect Derek Reeve.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 12:00 AM

City Councilman Derek Reeve Telling It Like It Is

Having been on the council since 2010, Councilman Reeve is the senior member currently sitting on the council. He served as Mayor of the City in 2015. Derek has been active in city matters since 2001, when he first served as a city transportation commissioner. I have been attending city council meetings for the past three years and have observed Derek’s performance on the dais, and I believe him to be the much needed voice of reason. He frequently uses his quick wit and keen sense of humor to ease tension or awkward situations, and his way of injecting rational opinions or logical arguments appears to stabilize or regulate the council member’s discussions. His calm, deliberate and steady demeanor (he never raises his voice) also seems to raise the public’s confidence in his decisions, and although the residents may not always agree with his positions on matters they appreciate his apparent honesty and candor.

Friends of Derek Reeve for City Council 2018

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